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LogiLink® Network cable tester with PoE finder

  • Cable tester for RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, BNC & PoE
  • Master & remote unit
  • Various LEDs for status
  • Suitable for patch cords and installed cables
  • Tests continuity, connection, wiring and shorts
  • Identifies the existence and type of PoE
  • Power: 9V block battery (not included)

Order Id: WZ0015P

EAN: 4052792042498

PU: 20 Pieces

LogiLink’s Network Cable Tester is the best choice for budget oriented installers and service engineers. With this tester, the installer finds any basic cabling problem very quickly. This cable tester has many features; basically it is ideal for testing cables including Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 as well as Coax and Telephone cables. LogiLink’s Network Tester is suitable for RJ45, RJ11, RJ12 and BNC connectors. This set is equiped with LogiLink’s POE finder which reviews and determines if a network cable or port is providing Power-over-Ethernet or not. The POE-Finder indicates whether the PoE is active on the endspan (1-2/3-6) or midspan (4-5/7-8) pairs.

Technical Hotline: 10:00 a.m - 06:00 p.m, (+49) 2351-66887-19
(German landline number)

Email: support@logilink.com
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